Thursday, April 30, 2009

Acts 6-7

Acts 6-7 covers the story of Stephen.

Stephen was chosen, by the people, to be one of 7 who were responsible for maintaining fariness in the passing out of food and supplies.

Stephen was also given the power, from God, to perform miracles. And that always seems to tick someone off. So a group of men start hating him. And start telling lies about what he is preaching (claiming he's bashing Moses, for example).

Stephen is arrested and questioned.

Stephen then has a long speech where he basically summarizes or reviews the Old Testament. It's a good history lesson and if you aren't familiar with the Old Testament, this could be a nice little Cliff Notes version.

At the end, Stephen has a vision of Jesus at the right hand of God.

He is then taken out and stoned to death.

Saul is also named as part of this story as the men who had accused Stephen lay their coats at Saul's feet.

I went and did a little searching on this story so I could get more from it. I learned that Stephen as seen as the first martyr for Jesus after the ascension. I learned that there are lots of holes and questions in the story (I knew that from reading it). I found a good read on the story here.

I'm not sure what to think at this moment. I'm not having a strong reaction to Stephen's story. I think it's going to be more important going foward. I think it's an example of faith and belief and sacrifice.

Tomorrow- Acts 8


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On April 26, 2009, my pastor spoke about the importance of reading the Bible. I got honest with myself- I don't read it regularly and haven't since high school. He issued a challenge. Read the Bible daily for 6 weeks. I'm taking that challenge and will share my daily readings and thoughts and experiences here. Feel free to join me!